How to write a game engine in pure C: Part 1 – State Manager


The core of any game is the engine, game engines are the most important piece, the foundation or everything to be built on. It has to work flawlessly, be performant, flexible and easy to use and understand.

Engines are a way to organize code, you can write games without one, just like any other software, but it’ll end up being a bloody mess, trust me.

I like to write games and i thought a full tutorial for the most important part (the engine) would be really cool to write for me and to read for you (hope). In this new serie we’ll explore the process of writing a hole 2D game engine in pure C (C89), why C? I don’t know… I like C and I think it’s mostly self explanatory, anyone should know C…

In this first post we will cover one of the most important parts for any engine, the state manager or state machine.

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